Red Light Therapy: How Often Should You Use it?
create on 2021-06-21
Red Light Therapy: How Often Should You Use it?
create on 2021-06-21
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Red Light Therapy: How Often Should You Use it?

Red-light therapy is a revolutionary technique that claims to help with anything from weight loss to skin aging. NASA developed it in the 1990s to aid in the growth of plants in space, but until recently, it was only used as a medicinal treatment in clinical settings. Its advanced lamps are now available for purchase at a fraction of the cost for home use.


But of course, we absorb red and near-infrared light all the time—it's a largely unseen component of the light spectrum. However, the sun does not provide the right wavelengths of light in nanometers or the intensity needed for therapeutic effects. Red-light therapy lamps turn the volume up to 11 so that the light can reach deep into the body and do its work at the cellular level.

RLT, by whatever name it is known, poses no risk of skin cancer or other health problems, as does exposure to the sun's UV rays. Instead, it provides real hope to people suffering from a range of chronic illnesses—as long as they use it properly.


Everyone Has Unique Treatment Needs


Before we delve into how we should use and how often we can use red light therapy, we'll go over some of the most common conditions treated with it and the average dosage—which varies from person to person.


It is scientifically proven that no two people are alike. Everyone has different health needs and reacts to therapies in the same way as everyone has different DNA, fingerprints, ears, and teeth. With this in mind, the best red light dose for you is determined by the conditions you're treating, your general health, and your light sensitivity.


Conditions Being Treated


Some results, such as muscle recovery or skin tone improvement, may occur quickly after red light treatment.


Other effects take longer to complete. Since improved cellular health and other biological processes occur when red light activates cells, the results are dependent on them. A fair expectation for results for chronic diseases is one to four months.


Continued sessions will help sustain changes in skin tone, pain control, muscle health, and hair regrowth once you've achieved the desired results.


Your Overall Health

red lgiht therapy anti-aging


Waiting for results from red light therapy can be stressful if you're in bad health and have a number of chronic problems, but be vigilant and persevere. At the cellular stage, red light heals from inside.


It encourages cells to perform at their best, allowing the body's natural healing mechanisms to operate on a wide range of ailments. There would almost certainly be an optimistic cascade of health benefits.


Your Light Sensitivity 


Red light therapy is effective and without side effects in several studies. The absorption of red light photons may be affected by skin color, tone, and thickness, so you will need to change your treatment times. Always consult your doctor before using any form of procedure, like red light therapy, to take photosensitizing drugs or have skin cancer.


Using Red Light for Specific Conditions


Some illnesses necessitate a more rigorous treatment, unlike other conditions. This may include using red and near-infrared light separately or together. 


Anti-Aging Therapy


According to research, red light therapy improves skin in a variety of ways, from enhancing skin tone to softening the appearance of wrinkles. Participants in a study on skin health who used red light twice a week saw major changes after 30 sessions. 


Place the LED panel at a distance of 6" to 12" from the wall. Once you've achieved the desired results, follow-up sessions will help you keep your skin looking great.


Chronic Skin Disorders


Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and other chronic skin disorders are treated with red light. Red light therapy is an effective treatment for these conditions in studies.


Exposure to red light therapy on a regular basis may help to alleviate symptoms and improve skin health. Begin with 15- to 20-minute sessions at 6" to 12" with the LED unit. For one to four months, repeat this program three to five days a week, followed by a maintenance program.


Muscle Healing

home red light devices for muscle recovery


Red light therapy has been shown to help stimulate, repair, and regenerate damaged muscle tissue. Many athletes boost their athletic success by using red light for pre-conditioning and post-conditioning.


Bathe muscles in red or near-infrared light for 10-20 minutes following exercise to speed recovery. Pre- and post-exercise light therapy as part of a maintenance program can help you achieve your best physical performance.


Skin Wounds and Scars


20-30 minute red light procedures for skin wounds, mild scars, and stretch marks. Collagen development is stimulated, and scars are reduced when done 3-5 days a week for 1-4 months. There are no additional treatments needed, but deeper scars can necessitate a longer-term solution.


Hair Loss


To stimulate hair follicles, use red light for 15 to 25 minutes three to five days a week at a distance of 6" to 12" to promote hair regrowth. A maintenance program will help to stimulate natural hair growth once hair begins to develop. Then you can reduce the frequency to 1-4 days a week after 1-4 months to continue stimulating hair development.


Arthritis and Joint Pain


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common forms of arthritis, affecting an estimated 54 million Americans. For many arthritis patients, red light has been shown to reduce pain and improve mobility. These participants used the red light therapy for 15 minutes twice a day with excellent results, so that's probably the best place to start.


If you suffer from these conditions today, you can start using red light therapy or even LED light therapy and enjoy the results it can give you.

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