Red Light Therapy Lamp
$ 49.99 USD

  • SPECS:
  • 660nm RED light wavelengths are absorbed at a higher proportion by the skin tissue, making it especially effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen product.  
  • 850nm NEAR-INFRARED light has a strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, joints and organs, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery, reducing joint pain and inflammation.  
  • LEDs: 18 LEDs (Red light: 9PCS / NIR: 9PCS) 
  • Size: 15.28*8.15*5.67 inch 
  • Treatment Time: 15-30 mins 
  • Irradiance: >110mw/cm2 @ 3 inches 
  • EMF: 0.0uT at 5" 
  • Weight: 5.06 pounds
  • Input Voltage: AC85V-265V 
  • Wattage consumption: 38W
  • Lifespan: 30,000+ hours 
  • Warranty: 1-Year warranty

High Power Output (Irradiance) Red Light Therapy Device

Your light works by sending out red & near infrared lights in a certain range (660nm & 850nm) of therapeutic wavelength and intensity. This treatment generate a number of health issues because red light therapy increases production of adenosine triphosphate, which enhances cellular energy production and elevates protein synthesis.

Package includes: 1 x Bestqool Red Light Therapy Lamp 1 x Lamp Clamp 1 x User Manual

The Bestqool light therapy lamp comes with a clamp, so you can either place it on any stable, flat surface and adjust the angle of the device or replace the pedestal with the clamp and clip it anywhere you want to use it.

Treatment Guideline

It is important to use your light consistently. We recommend using your light everyday, light therapy is like food for your cells.

Treatment Time:20-30 minutes session per day and at least 4 times per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use my light?

A: Since red light therapy brings energy to your cells, we recommend use your light

everyday. 20-30 minute sessions for each treatment is necessary and at least 4

times per week. For optimal results, please position your light about 3 to 8 inches from your

treatment area.

Q: Does it have any side-effects by using light therapy treatments?

A: In numerous clinical studies, red and near infrared light has been proven that it is a safe, natural,non-invasive treatment. Patients experienced less pain and inflammation in injuries and medical procedures. All without the side effects and major health risks you get with prescription pain meds and invasive procedures.

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