Red light therapy for angiogenesis -- Red light therapy belt
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Red light therapy for angiogenesis -- Red light therapy belt
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Red light-stimulated angiogenesis has been made certain by numerous studies, which eventually leads to healing wounds, reducing pain, treating neurodegenerative diseases, etc. Red light phototherapy benefits cover a wide range of areas. In this blog, we'll explore the effects of near infrared red light therapy on cellular processes and bioenergetics with regard to stimulatory function for angiogenesis from red light therapy.

How does red infrared light therapy stimulate angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is one of the important factors associated with tissue repair. Since the vessels are in charge of re-establishing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, allowing an increase in metabolic rate and mitosis activity, angiogenesis is involved from the start of the healing process. The relation between LED red light and the neoformation of blood vessels has been studied in both in vitro and in vivo investigations and has shown promising outcomes. There are three main hypotheses on how red therapy light stimulates angiogenesis, as proposed in this study of a controlled trial.

The main and basic hypothesis suggests that the increased mitochondrial activity will lead to increased cellular production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which naturally contributes to cell regeneration. In addition, it was proposed that exposure to light increases tissue via releasing nitrogen monoxide (NO), which agrees with this finding. Red light's potential role as a 12-oxo-leukotriene B4 antagonist, which eventually promotes tissue regeneration, is another conceivable pathway, as examined in this study.

In this experiment to evaluate the efficacy of red light therapy devices for angiogenesis, the effects were assessed from four measurements: the proliferation of cells, the number of cellular junctions, the tubule length, and cellular morphology (compactness). The results are illustrated in the following pictures.

How does red infrared light therapy stimulate angiogenesis?

The effect on the formation of vascular tubes in a co-culture model of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and adipose-derived stem cells (ASC) was demonstrated as there was a significant increase in the number of structures before and after red infrared light therapy, compared to the control group.

 red and near-infrared light for healing process

Both cellular junctions and tubule length were increased after red light irradiation, and a morphological change leading to a decrease in cell compactness was observed, which was correlated with cell elongation. Cell elongation entering the picture of the increase of vasculo- and angiogenesis is a critical precursor for network formation.

The role of red and near-infrared light for healing process

Phototherapy affects the healing process in three stages, which results in a positive response at each stage. At the end of the inflammatory phase, there is a cellular regulation that reduces cell inflammation, promotes the release of growth factors, and initiates the proliferative phase. During this stage, medical grade red light therapy devices for inflammation has been well studied in many mainstream sources of research. In the second phase, endothelial cells are stimulated by phototherapy and enhance neovascularization, and fibroblasts and collagen deposits are also encouraged by light irradiation. Both contribute to the creation of granulated tissue and the subsequent closure of the wound. The last step involves tissue remodeling in areas where low-level light therapy has induced significant and essential modulation. More details of LED red light healing process have been clarified in this study.

Bestqool for best red light therapy machine at home

If you are suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, wound pain, or any other similar disease, you should try red LED light therapy to heal faster. Are you ready for red light therapy for pain relief? Bestqool provides several designs of models for different choices, and yet the Bestqool LED red light therapy belt is specialized for healing arthritis, all sorts of pain, and musculoskeletal diseases. Unlike handheld LED light therapy or full body LED light therapy, It provides extensive flexibility since the red light therapy belt helps to wrap up the locations of the body that are difficult to reach, such as joints, elbows, the back, and so forth.

red light  for angiogenesis

Due to wrap design, a lot of light therapy pads of other brands limit their irradiance output due to lower power consumption; however, with preeminent LED technology, Bestqool is able to provide professional medical-grade light therapy belts without compromising the output irradiance, to allow clinic red light treatment at home.

In terms of safety concerns, as all Bestqool products are FDA-registered and ETL-certified, Bestqool also follows the highest safety standards of the market and shows the highest performance. With a three-year warranty for all Bestqool products, Bestqool delivers the longest promise in this market for ensuring the success of your best fda approved red light therapy devices at home.

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