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Portable Red Light Therapy BQ40

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*Refurbished version:Random shipment of single or dual chips.

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Health Benefits

Bestqool therapy devices emit red and near-infrared light designed to help with anti-aging, the reduction of wrinkles, joint pain and inflammation. The therapy also aids muscle recovery, relaxes joints and increases blood circulation.

  • Improve metabolism
  • Healing Injuries, wounds, burns
  • Reduce joint pain and alleviate arthritis
  • Improve mood
  • Improves vision
  • Help hair regrowth
  • Improve Sleep
Key Features
  • Dual chip LEDs
  • Digital control panel
  • Medical-grade light therapy panel
  • Highest power output
  • Red and NIR light
  • Optional accessories
  • Protective eyewear included
  • 2-year warranty
Tech Specs
  • Wavelengths: 660 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
  • Number of LEDs: 40 (40 Red/40 Near-Infrared)
  • Irradiance: 69mW/cm2 at 3”
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions: Length 11.2" x Width 5.7" x Height 1.4"
  • Weight:2.3lb (1.47 kg)
  • Electrical Input: 85-265VAC 60 Hz
  • Return Period: 30 Days
Treatment Guideline

We recommend:

  • For skin tissues: 3 inches (7.6 cm) away, 10–20 mins per session, 4 days a week.
  • For deeper tissues: 3 inches(7.6cm) away, 30–40 mins per session, 5 days a week.

If your usage distance exceeds 3 inches (7.6cm), please lengthen the treatment time. Because the farther the distance, the lower the irradiance. To achieve the equivalent dose, you need to increase the treatment time.

What's Included
  • BQ40
  • US Power Cord (We'll automatically ship an international power cord, based on the shipping address)
  • Protective Eyewear
  • User Manual
BQ Series
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Power Consumption
Dual Chip LEDs
EMF Emission
Door System
Mobile Stand Support
Auto Timer
Contact Skin Use
2.38 lbs
11.2" x 5.7" x 1.4"
69mW/cm² @ 3”
0.0 μT @ 6"
img Small
3 Years
$129.00 USD
95mW/cm² @ 3”
0.0 μT @ 6"
img Moderate
3 Years
$179.99 USD
12.3 lbs
96.2 mW/cm² @ 3"
0.0 μT @ 6"
img Moderate
3 Years
$549.00 USD
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Skin Rejuvenation & Relax Mood

Regenerate your skin cells to improve the look of your skin, help wound healing, combat visible wrinkles and even calm your mood.

Stimulates Cellular Energy

Speed up your recovery energy process after workout with the conbined red and near infrared light of Bestqool!

Relieves Joint Pain & Inflammation

Our LED red light therapy is great for relieving pain from inflamed joints and arthritis. It also speeds up muscle recovery and reduces inflammation.

Enhance Muscle Gain

Red light therapy can help both professional and amateur athletes enhance muscle strength, endurance, muscle growth, performance and speed up fat loss after intense exercise.

Take it everywhere | Portable Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy shouldn't be confined at home! Compact at 7.5" x 5.7" x 1.4" and just 2.38 lbs, take BQ40 with your trip, it will bring the irradiance wherever you go. Ignite your wellness journey with the BQ40—your key to portable vitality!

Convenience at your fingertips | All-in-one adjustable stand

Tailor the setup to your liking, bringing flexibility and ease to your daily red light treatment routines. BQ40 is designed for your convenience. When the stand is open, it becomes a stable desktop red light device; when folded, it perfectly fits into your backpack, accompanying you wherever you go.

Effortless feature unlock | Smart control system

As an entry-level product, the BQ40 features a clever control system with various functionalities that other brands do not offer. You can turn on solely red or near-infrared light, adjust the treatment time, and reset the treatment counts easily!

Can BQ40 treat bone injury?

Yes, BQ40 emits red and near-infrared light, which have been confirmed by research to be useful in healing injuries. Near-infrared light shows not only deep tissue penetration but also favorable effects on pain relief and bone healing.

How red and near-infrared light of BQ40 benefit to human cells?

BQ40 provides 660nm of red light and 850nm of near-infrared light, they work like a “power plant” in your body’s cells called mitochondria. With the energy it provides, cells can do their work more efficiently, in order to repair skin, boost new cell growth, and enhance skin rejuvenation.

Is it possible to use BQ40 in an office or other places?

Yes, weighing only 2.3 lbs (1.47kg), BQ40 can be easily taken to any place. It is small in size and does not take up space. For office use, BQ40 only needs a small space on the desk.

Who is BQ40 most suitable for?

BQ40 is best suited for those who frequently travel for business or work night shifts. BQ40 is compact and portable, and the red and near-infrared light it emits can supplement the demands of night shift workers who do not have exposure to sunshine.

Can BQ40 be applied to wounds?

Yes, research indicates that both red and infrared light are efficacious in enhancing the healing of skin wounds. This is manifested through a reduction in inflammatory cells, heightened fibroblast proliferation, stimulation of angiogenesis, and increased synthesis of collagen.

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