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4 Wavelengths Red Light Therapy BQ150

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Health Benefits

Bestqool BQ150 therapy uses the most effective wavelengths of visible red light(660 & 630nm), and invisible near-infrared light(850 & 940nm) to deliver numerous outcomes. Use the clinical-grade Bestqool near-infrared light therapy, and you will see more benefits from consistent use.

  • Improve metabolism
  • Healing Injuries, wounds, burns
  • Reduce joint pain and alleviate arthritis
  • Better Mood
  • Improves eye vision
  • Help hair regrowth
  • Improving Sleep
Key Features
  • Dual chip LEDs
  • 4 wavelengths: 630nm, 660nm, 850nm, 940nm
  • Digital control panel
  • Medical-grade light therapy panel
  • 240W power consumption
  • Red and NIR light
  • Optional accessories
  • Protective eyewear included
  • 2 year warranty
Tech Specs
  • Wavelengths: 630 nm &660 nm (Red) and 850 nm & 940 nm(Near-Infrared)
  • Number of LEDs: 150 (150 Red/150 Near-Infrared)
  • Irradiance: 96.2 mW/cm² at 3"
  • Power Consumption: 250W
  • Dimensions: Length 21.4" x Width 14.4" x Height 3.8"
  • Weight: 12.3 lb (5.6 kg)
  • Electrical Input: AC85V-265V
  • Return Period: 30 Days
Treatment Guideline

We recommend:

  • For skin tissues: 3 inches (7.6 cm) away, 10–15 mins per session, 4 days a week.
  • For deeper tissues: 3 inches (7.6 cm) away, 25–30 mins per session, 5 days a week.

If your usage distance exceeds 3 inches (7.6cm), please increase the treatment time. The farther the distance, the lower the irradiance. To achieve the equivalent dose, you need to increase the treatment time.

What's Included
  • BQ150
  • Door Hookx1
  • Goggles x 1
  • Power Cord x1
  • Adjustable Rope x 1
  • Braided Steel Cables x 1
  • Splicing sheet x 1
  • Screw x 2
  • User Manual x 1
BQ Series
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Power Consumption
Dual Chip LEDs
EMF Emission
Door System
Mobile Stand Support
Auto Timer
Contact Skin Use
2.38 lbs
11.2" x 5.7" x 1.4"
69mW/cm² @ 3”
0.0 μT @ 6"
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3 Years
$129.00 USD
95mW/cm² @ 3”
0.0 μT @ 6"
img Moderate
3 Years
$179.99 USD
12.3 lbs
96.2 mW/cm² @ 3"
0.0 μT @ 6"
img Moderate
3 Years
$549.00 USD
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bestqool red light therapy panel bq150


Saving time and money to regain healthy mind and body at home by using the unique modular design Bq150.

10 minutes of irradiation with our red light therapy is equal to 20 minutes of other devices.

It is an easy way to increase collagen production and improve workout recovery at home, light is as essential to cells as food is to people.

splicable panel bq150


Stable hold 2 BQ150 together by splicing sheets, easily screw and loosen them without much effort. The modular design enables you to connect two or more BQ150 devices to create a wider irradiation area which enhances red light absorption during therapy sessions.

Low heat release for skin contact use, the smart control system gives you greater flexibility and personalization to create your own therapy.

wide red light panel bq150


A wider irradiation area not only achieves better therapeutic results as it covers larger areas of the body, but also gives a stronger dosage.

One of the primary advantages of the BQ150 model is that it allows you to tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

150 dual-chip LEDs use clinically proven wavelengths of red light (630nm and 660nm) and near-infrared light (850nm and 940nm), allowing more light to be absorbed.

What's the different between BQ60 and BQ150?
  • The BQ150 has a wider panel width, which delivers more efficiency, giving a stronger light output over a larger area than the BQ60. The advantages include achieving faster results when treating the same conditions.
  • The BQ150 is also likely to be effective in treating a wider range of conditions by using the new combination of 630 & 940nm dual-chip LEDs. That is why we decided to equip the BQ150 with wavelengths of 630nm (red light) and 940nm (infrared light).
Is BQ150 splicable? How to splice them?

To assemble two BQ150s together, you might require the help of another person to keep the device stable while you assemble them. But the process is simple.

  • Step 1: Tighten the screw that connects the connection bar and the BQ150 below.
  • Step 2: Lift the second BQ150 above the first BQ150 and then tighten the screw to connect the second BQ150 with connection bar together.
  • Step 3: Connect two power sockets on the back of two BQ150s with one wire, then connect one BQ150 to a power source with a power cord.
  • Finally, wear the protective glasses and enjoy the red light therapy at your will.
Who is BQ150 most suitable for?

Everyone will benefit from using the BQ150.

We created a wider panel to let red light reach more areas of body at one time.
Customers’ praise for the Pro300’s four wavelengths made us decide to add it to the BQ150.

Powerful and durable, the BQ150 is an ideal entry-level product for those starting their Red Light Therapy journey at home.

Is there a special stand for BQ150?

Yes, our upcoming mobile stand is suitable for BQ150. With the stand, it can be used in multiple scenarios and more conveniently.

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