Enhancing Pleasure: Red Light Therapy's Effects on Performance and Libido
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Enhancing Pleasure: Red Light Therapy's Effects on Performance and Libido
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  1. What Is Red Light? What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Red Light?
  2. Red Light Therapy Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production
  3. Most Effective Wavelength
  4. Choose a Convenient Red Light Therapy Device to Enjoy Red Light at Any Time
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Maybe everyone has this fantasy to some extent. If you could go back to the past, to your youth, would you be able to accomplish more things? It's like a rejuvenating pill in a fantasy story. After taking it, you can reverse aging, improve skin quality, enhance testosterone and sexual desire, even reduce arthritis, and adjust your mentality; then the price of this kind of drug will be as high as hundreds of millions of dollars.

Although this magic medicine does not exist, in modern society, there is an external physical therapy method that is comparable to red light.

Brian, an American rich man, is a fan of red light therapy in order to restore the youthful vitality of his youth. He undergoes red light therapy for a certain amount of time every night, and he admits that red light therapy has restored his health and enhanced his sexual performance. This is closely related to what we are going to talk about today.


Men in Youth


What Is Red Light? What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Red Light?

In previous blog posts and the main page of our website, we have introduced in detail what red light is. The red light equipment produced by Bestqool usually has a wavelength between 630 and 850nm and is emitted through calibrated light-emitting diodes to treat various diseases.

In various existing clinical studies, the effects of red light are significant. As a kind of visible light, red light can penetrate human skin to reach 5-10nm, stimulate blood flow, and restore damaged skin tissue to health. If you use a red light instrument to illuminate the whole body, the dilation of blood vessels can increase the blood flow to the genital area, which helps to enhance the sexual life.

At the same time, red light also has the effect of enhancing circulation and strengthening endothelium health, which has been verified in various clinical trials.

Generally speaking, red light therapy is considered a safe and side-effect-free treatment method. Since it does not harm the main organs of the human body and does not require surgery, it has almost no negative effects on people. However, when using the instrument, you must still pay attention to safety, wear protective glasses, or enjoy the benefits of red light with your eyes closed. People with serious diseases or who are sensitive to light also need to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Red Light Therapy Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production

As an important component of sexual arousal and pleasure, nitric oxide can quickly make people full of energy. It is a neurotransmitter that can be better produced under the stimulation of red light.

Clinical studies have shown that male gonads also have a preference for red light. In studies on sperm motility, 830nm near-infrared light treatment significantly improved sperm motility. This means that red light has a very intuitive effect on enhancing sexual performance.

Red light increases the production of nitric oxide, and the release of nitric oxide and sex hormones increases hormones, allowing people to enjoy communication in special environments more. Just as various bars and night venues like to use red lights, people subconsciously believe that red light is a light that enhances lust.


Summary of proposed NO metabolism in the skin


Most Effective Wavelength

As mentioned before, 850nm near-infrared light therapy significantly improved sperm motility. Researchers used genital plethysmography and pilot studies to demonstrate the actual effect of red light therapy.

In addition, the researchers also used a microscope to detect the activity of the sperm. The activity of the sperm showed different effects under different light exposures. In addition to objective measurements, subjective surveys were also conducted to assess testers' satisfaction to better understand the overall impact of red light therapy on sexual desire.

85% of the test subjects who participated in the survey report said that their sexual satisfaction and sexual desire have been improved. These findings are consistent with speculation in objective research. After experiencing the positive effects of red light exposure, test subjects were satisfied with their sexual experience following red light therapy.

The wavelength of 850nm also happens to be between 660 and 850nm. It is also the wavelength combination that has been tested to have the best effect on body inflammation. It can effectively relieve the adverse reactions after inflammation, arthritis, bone and joint pain, and muscle soreness. Therefore, In addition to enjoying the benefits of red light in increasing sexual desire, red light is also repairing the user's body.

Red light therapy is a valuable tool for improving marital harmony. Use the red light instrument produced by Bestqool and enjoy the multi-functional experience brought by red light. This will be a choice you cannot miss.

Bestqool pro300

Choose a Convenient Red Light Therapy Device to Enjoy Red Light at Any Time

When using red light for treatment, it may not be necessary to lie down or irradiate for a long time. The red light treatment equipment produced by Bestqool has various models and supports manual timing adjustment. You can enjoy the fun of red light at different time periods.

If you need a quiet working environment at night, you can purchase a vertical red light therapy device. This way, it will keep working while you are busy. Or if you like to enjoy red light during yoga or exercise, you can buy a covering type lighting therapy device, which can fully expose your whole body to red light. If you like to feel the benefits of red light before going to bed, then a timed therapy device will be your best choice.

Choose the most suitable red light therapy device as a solution. The high-quality red light therapy device produced by Bestqool allows the whole family to enjoy the effects of technology. Visit our website to learn more about red light therapy.


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