How Can Red Light Therapy Affects Your Sleep?
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How Can Red Light Therapy Affects Your Sleep?
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Did you know that red light therapy (photobiomodulation)  can improve your sleep quality? As we know good sleep is the source of energy,  it is a prerequisite for optimal performance. People spend about 1/3 of their lives asleep, but sleeping problems are very common for adults. Most of us felt the short-term effects of a poor night’s sleep, some of the illnesses were linked to sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality. Lights plays a major role in our sleep cycle, more than most of us realize. 

In this article, we will talk about how lights influence our sleep, the consequences of poor sleep and how red light therapy reset our circadian rhythm and get more sleep.

How Light Affect Our Sleep

The body’s biological clock interprets light as a main signal to sleep and wake up to the day, which are biological rhythms that repeat approximately every 24 hours. If we are not exposed to a sufficient amount of light at the right time, our biological clock will disturbance and we may experience decrements in physiological functions, neuro-behavioral performance, and sleep.

How Blue Light Influence Our Sleep

The temperature of blue light is high, therefore our body recognize it's like bright daytime sunlight. Unlike a warm color will allow people have a safely navigate at night, blue light will suppress the hormone melatonin which let people could not sleep at night. Most of electronic devices emits blue light, when you're done with your electronics and want to go to bed and have a sleep, you will find it's hard to fall asleep even you are tired. So how could we save our sleep? 

Red Light Helps You Relaxation & Sleep Better

Red Light has lower color temperature than blue light, and it will not suppress the hormone melatonin. If you are in red light before sleep, you will product more melatonin than surrounded by synthetic blue light, and that can help you fall and sleep well. Red Light Therapy devices can also improve your sleep quality, some clinical research has proven that red light therapy is a non-invasive and without the side effects treatments for sleep disorders.


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