Red Light Therapy and the Ketogenic Diet: How They Work Together and What to Expect
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Red Light Therapy and the Ketogenic Diet: How They Work Together and What to Expect
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The ketogenic diet and red light treatment are regarded as innovative breakthroughs in the medical field. In addition to being non-invasive, red light therapy has the potential to increase longevity and enhance general health, and it also provides a more accessible and less expensive approach that may be carried out at home for a wide range of medical conditions, including improving sleep quality, reducing inflammation, stimulating mitochondrial energy production of ATP, reducing adipose tissues and obesity, and many other health benefits in the body. It is also useful for treating skin conditions such as acne and brown spots. The mechanism of action behind red and infrared light therapy isn't a secret today.

For all that, recent case studies have discovered the promising synergy of using red light massage and ketogenic diets together. Especially, the ketogenic diet and red light therapy work together to allow you to reach your weight loss goals faster. Studies have shown that ketosis and low-level light therapy help speed up fat loss by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. In this blog you will find more about the synergy between red LED therapy and ketogenic diets. Let's read on!

Keto and low level light therapy for optimizing your body

Keto and low level light therapy for optimizing your body

The ketogenic diet consists of extremely low carb and high fat that is comparable to the Atkins and low carb diets in many ways. It entails substantially lowering carbohydrate consumption and substituting it with fat. This carbohydrate restriction puts your body into a metabolic condition known as ketosis. This causes your body to become extremely effective at burning fat for energy. The keto diet, however, has benefits beyond just assisting with weight loss. It also converts fat to ketones in the liver, which can provide energy to the brain and other organs. It lowers insulin and blood sugar levels as well as prevents seizures, sleep issues, and other brain diseases. It is evident that the keto diet offers advantages for overall health in addition to weight loss.

The consists of  ketogenic diet

PDT red light treatment helps to enhance cellular respiration in the mitochondria, where ATP is generated as cellular energy for metabolism within our cells. Increased energy allows cells to operate properly and renew at a quicker rate.

Both keto and red LED light therapy benefits organically our body's functionality through the mitochondria activities. Instead of glucose, keto burns fatty acids and ketones. Red LED and infrared light therapy reduce oxidative stress, which slows energy systems. When you use red light therapy while on a keto diet, your body cells may operate more effectively, resulting in increased energy, which leads to better physcial and cognitive performance and weight reduction.

red light for fat loss

Recent studies found that red light health therapy can actually boost the benefits of ketogenic diets by increasing metabolic flexibility, which is the capacity of cells to effectively switch between burning sugar and fat. There are some proven pathways to support this synergic effect.

How can keto and LLLT red light therapy work together?

It can increase your metabolic flexibility when ketogenic diets are used in conjunction with red light therapy. Additionally, it promotes more effective fat and sugar metabolism in cells. High or low blood pressure problems may be avoided by maintaining healthy levels of ATP energy generation, which is fueled by mitochondria's ability to transform oxygen and nutrients into ATP. When our body and cells are in a condition of well-balanced equilibrium known as homeostasis, the process of generating ATP energy operates most effectively.

Overnutrition is a factor to take into account when sticking to a diet plan since it might result in metabolic inflexibility. The generation of ATP energy may cause metabolic congestion when overeating takes place. By concentrating on amplifying ATP energy levels, red light therapy can help relieve this metabolic congestion. By increasing the fluidity of glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids, insulin helps alleviate metabolic congestion.

COX, as the photoreceptor in the red light therapy spectrum, holds an important role behind the most well-recognized therapies of red light therapy. The formation of the COX enzyme, which can boost metabolism by partnering oxygen neutralized in water with high-energy electrons, is a key stage in the creation of ATP energy. If the COX enzyme is not in sync with the flow of electrons, the high-energy electrons will not be properly neutralized. Red light can assist the COX enzyme formation, which is responsible for fat oxidation. The ketogenic diet then stimulates insulin production and delivery to cells, due to enhanced ATP energy synthesis in cells, enhanced metabolic flexibility, reduced carbon combustion, and cleared metabolic congestion.

The promising results of current studies on the synergic mechanism

In this clinical trial, the combination of red light therapy and ketogenic diets is used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by neuronal loss and progressive cognitive decline. The combination of ketogenesis and photobiomodulation (PBM) has been proven to successfully cure the underlying pathologies of T2DM and MCI. A therapeutically recommended ketogenic diet has been demonstrated to restore metabolic substrate flexibility as well as cellular insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, photobiomodulation red light therapy (PBM) using visible red and near-infrared light (NIR) has been found to have various good impacts on neurons and the activities in mitochondria, such as metabolic activity stimulation and even neurogenesis. Both two aspects support a synergic effect which shows promising results for treating AD.

Bestqool: best PBM therapy near me

Bestqool is the best PBM therapy

Red light physiotherapy is a widely used remedy for many different medical issues. Devices for low level LED light therapy at home provide ease and treatment control. When you apply red therapy lights and ketogenic diets together, you will receive better results for your weight loss goal and overall health. It is unquestionably crucial to get true medical red light therapy devices if you want the necessary therapeutic outcomes. Bestqool's reputation as the best LED red light therapy for home use is not based on a whim, but rather on the following factors:

  1. Prolonged involvement with cutting-edge LED production technologies.

One thing that has to be made clear is that not every straightforward LED panel has the therapeutic effects of clinic red light therapy, and that one of the challenges facing LED light therapy applications before the breakthroughs of the NASA experiment is controlling the spectrum of emitting wavelengths. In actuality, LED production is a fairly sophisticated area. The intended effects can only be produced by a sufficiently small band of target-specific wavelengths with therapeutic effects. Based on years of clinical investigations, Bestqool is able to create devices that concentrate on the most suggestive and efficient wavelengths within the narrow band (red light at 660 nm and near-infrared light at 830 nm).

Red light therapy effectiveness also depends on the LED irradiance levels and distribution pattern. The linear reciprocity of irradiance output and cumulative therapeutic effects may only be present between 1 and 100 mW/cm2, according to a number of research. The irradiance levels outside of this range seldom have therapeutic benefits, regardless of the extended treatment duration.

As a pioneer with years of experience in this field, Bestqool LED photon light therapy is able to deliver products with superior optics to achieve medical-grade and ideal therapeutic results. Using 10 minutes of Bestqool devices is just equal to 20 minutes of others.

  1. Research on medical device technology

All Bestqool products assure the efficacy and safety of your at home red light therapy as FDA Class II medical devices. The research in this medical area aids Bestqool in making the most effective red light therapy equipment. For instance, the unacceptable heating of human tissues is actually dependent on the wavelength parameters, and the distribution of LED light beam profiles can also have a significant impact on the actual energy dose of cells at the peripheral spot and in the precise center of beams.

  1. Market's longest warranty

To guarantee the best red light phototherapy at home, all Bestqool devices come with a three-year warranty, which is presently the longest on the market. All Bestqool wants to achieve is to deliver the best and most effective red LED light therapy at home for our clients.

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