Who we are

Bestqool’s story:
Bestqool Health is a USA company that helps people achieve a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle while also focusing on optimizing their overall well-being.
We do this by offering products such as red light therapy, Photon LED light therapy and LED beauty devices. Designed by our skilled R&D team, manufactured in our own facilities, we are devoted to provide truly effective products to customers in order to create long-term value.
Founder’s story:
Struggling with my wife's severe chronic arthritis, I discovered the potential of red light therapy. As an engineer, I dedicated six months to creating BQ60, ensuring safety and efficiency while overcoming financial challenges. Despite hardships, my wife's unwavering support kept me going. The success of BQ60 transformed her life, inspiring me to help others. With family encouragement, I expanded our product line. Facing financial hurdles during R&D, our growing brand sustained us. Now, Bestqool aims to be a health and wellness leader, providing top-notch service and innovative products. Join us on a journey of empowerment and well-being.
Bestqool, always stands for best service, cool product.
Founder and Engineer: Jacob
Passionate about health and wellness, he aspires to establish Bestqool as a leading company, providing cutting-edge machines and information to optimize performance and enhance health spans.

Our team

R&D Team:

Comprised of a constellation of experts including materials scientists, biomedical scientists, and optical engineers, our R&D team is committed to innovating and making breakthroughs in creating safer, more effective and intelligent red light therapy devices, which will meet ever-growing needs of our esteemed customers in the coming years.

Customer Service team:

The customer service team at Bestqool prioritizes customer satisfaction and interests. We strive to promptly and effectively respond to any query or issue customers may encounter, and foster clients' confidence in our products by actively considering their recommendations and making progress.

What we offer?

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Our mission

To customer:

Our mission is simple: to help people live healthier and stronger with our red light therapy devices. We're dedicated to ongoing research and product enhancements, ensuring our offerings are both affordable and effective for our customers' well-being.

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To society:

As an alternative form of natural light, red light therapy, incorporating red and infrared light, emerges as a safe and non-invasive phototherapy treatment. This therapeutic approach represents a green choice, encouraging individuals to prioritize health and enhance their quality of life in an eco-friendly manner.
In response to this trend, Bestqool will work hard on a positive social environment and persistently strive to contribute to the well-being of individuals while advocating for a healthier and more sustainable future.