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If your videos reach 300 likes and 30 comments, you will receive a $50

Amazon gift card or equivalent discount on Bestqool official website.


If your video reaches 5000 likes and 80 comments, you will receive an Apple Watch as a reward.


If your video reaches 10,000 likes and 140 comments (excluding replies), you will receive an iPad as a reward.


If your video reaches 30,000 likes and 200 comments (excluding replies), you will receive an iPhone as a reward.


Participate Qualifications
Activity Mechanism
Reward Distribution
Other Rules
  • Please note that one order number can only participate once. However, we encourage you to send a series of videos (no more than three), the number of likes from your related videos can be superimposed and calculated.
  • Please notice that one person can only participate once.

The accumulation time for likes is 30 days. Please post high-quality content to reach the target number of likes within the 30-day validity period to obtain corresponding rewards.(Please be careful not to delete your videos, as this may affect calculations.)

  • After passing the review, you will receive your reward three days later.
  • Please complete the form with accurate information so that rewards can be issued promptly.
  • Once you submit a video, Bestqool reserves the right to use, edit and re-publish the content you have submitted.
  • Bestqool reserves the right to final interpretation.
  • Participation means that you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Participants found engaging in cheating activities, including but not limited to buying views, buying comments, and buying likes, will be permanently disqualified from the event.