Blue Light Therapy for Acne Spot
create on 2020-11-22
Blue Light Therapy for Acne Spot
create on 2020-11-22
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Blue Light Therapy for Acne Spot

red and blue light for acne spot

Today's world of skincare can seem like a pack of trendy treatments and ingredients that promise to work wonders on your skin. Oils, serums, moisturizers, chemical peels, micro-needling—the list goes on and on. The treatment of acne has come a long way. Gone are days when you can only treat acne by seeing a dermatologist.

With the popular fan base and the starring role of several Instagram posts, LED light treatment is certainly the new treatment in the beauty world. Technology has developed alternative acne therapies that can be used at home. LED devices with blue light, or a mixture of blue and red light, provide a simple and reliable way to detect acne. 

What are LED light treatments?

"LED is basically infrared lights that are present in various wavelengths, depending on the hue," explains Rachel Nazarian MD FAAD. These colored lights send waves deep through the skin to cause different reactions, she explains. These reactions triggered by different lights can activate skin to do things like destroying bacteria and promoting regeneration, making them common skincare tools. This method is often referred to as photorejuvenation or light therapy.

Acne can be a problem for someone at any age and can be triggered by a long list of causes. There are a lot of blemish care choices out there. They can be purchased either off the shelf or professionally and have varying degrees of effectiveness. However, if you feel like you've tried anything but are still dealing with acne, you may want to try LED light therapy.

What Causes Acne & How Does Light Therapy Treat It?

Once we delve into how light therapy treats acne, let's look at what triggers acne. Acne symptoms are caused when oil, dead skin, or bacteria obstruct the pores of the skin. Bacteria that accumulate in the pores are the main cause behind the pimples.

The first step before investing in a light therapy system is to understand how this technology functions. For the first time, turning on a light therapy system can be a little overwhelming if you don't know what each light is for. 

Blue Light Therapy for Acne

A groundbreaking treatment with blue-light therapy will help with cystic acne, scarring, and inflammation around the face. Consistent care with blue light therapy can also help avoid potential outbreaks. And how can blue light help you with acne breakouts and scars?

Our skin absorbs light just like plants and transforms it into energy. The color of the light absorbed causes a shift in the skin. Red light, for example, reduces inflammation. Blue light actually works by targeting the bacteria that cause and intensify acne. The light penetrates the skin to the hair follicles, where dirt and bacteria get stuck and kill the bacteria by slowing down their metabolism.

It is particularly effective against acne caused by Propionibacterium acnes because this bacterium is immune to most antibiotic treatments. In fact, acne vulgaris is difficult to treat due to antibacterial resistance. According to one study, blue light therapy effectively treats acne more than traditional drugs such as salicylic acid.

Choosing a LED Therapy Light Device for Teens and Adults

Irrespective of the misunderstanding of many, the battle against acne is not limited to adolescents. Yes, for some, it starts about the ages of 10 to 15 years, but it's not unknown to people in the 20s or even the 30s. This means that relying on acne light treatment is a choice for teenagers—and others who are no longer teens.

If this is the first time you've used an LED therapy light device, you may want to get started with the Bestqool's 3 Color LED Photon Mask or 7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Therapy Device, which helps to treat a wider region of your face. The good news is that there are choices for everyone. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before using either of the devices.

Light Therapy vs. Other Acne Treatments

Compared to other acne therapies, light therapy at home is typically cheaper but still effective. You can see savings if you equate it to having blue light therapy administered at the doctor's office, and you just need to spend in getting a device once. Another big advantage is that it is less invasive than other procedures, such as dermabrasion.

There are, however, things you need to keep in mind when you do this at home. Medications such as Accutane, for example, make the skin more sensitive and can cause scarring. Always read the directions carefully before using any LED devices. 


LED light therapy has been seen as an effective treatment of acne for other people. It is important to understand how these light therapy devices work for your skin before using them. Speak to your dermatologist today, and if light therapy is a good candidate to treat your acne, then you can purchase it at Bestqool. 

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