Choosing the Most Effective Red Light Therapy Bulb
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Choosing the Most Effective Red Light Therapy Bulb
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  1. Criteria while buying a red light bulb
  2. Research on LED light bulbs
  3. Why LED bulbs are best for red light therapy?
  4. Final thoughts
  5. References

Hundreds of magical red light lamps are available in the market. In promotional events across various manufacturers, red light bulbs are touted as a remedy for an extensive range of conditions-from facial rejuvenation and weight loss to muscle pain and even cancer. Are red light bulbs really good?

Many people feel eager to start red light therapy after learning about its benefits. But before shopping for light bulbs, you need to know the basics. If you want to know which factors to consider while choosing a red light bulb and how to differentiate between them, this article is worth a read.

red light therapy bulbs

If you want to know which factors to consider while choosing a red light bulb and how to differentiate between them, this article is worth a read. To find out everything, continue reading!

Criteria while buying a red light bulb

Choosing the most effective red light bulb can be daunting, but we're here to help. You need to consider the following factors while buying red light lamps.

1. Choice of the right wavelength

Be sure to buy red light + near-infrared products. The manufacturer must provide you with wavelength data. The ideal wavelength for red light is 633±5 nm; The ideal infrared band is 830±5 nm. And the narrower the wavelength, the better, the wider the effect.

2. Laser power density

The infrared LED light source has a large divergence angle. The larger the divergence angle of the light source, the larger the photon energy diffusion area. The four-stage laser light source can achieve higher photon energy density to reach the patient treatment area in less time. This feature is particularly important in deep treatment areas such as musculoskeletal and nerves.

3. Bulb types and sizes

All bulbs may contain red lighting, including incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED bulbs, but only LED light bulbs produce wavelengths in the therapeutic range.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs are potentially dangerous and don't produce light in the red/INR wavelength range, so they are inefficient for red light therapy.

According to a study, ultraviolet radiation from incandescent and halogen lights can damage cells.

Fluorescent lighting is a cheap option for red light therapy. You may have seen many gyms or spas use it due to its low cost. They are harmful as they contain mercury and are inefficient for red light therapy.

4. Product quality

There are many red light therapy devices, varying from inexpensive, portable desktop lamps to large-scale equipment requiring accessories and space for setup. If you don't know how to choose, you can look for a brand! The brand has a stable quality and usually has a long warranty period and more perfect after-sales service.

5. Treatment coverage area

Are you looking for smaller light bulbs for treating your face or a significant red light therapy panel that targets the whole body? The red light panel maximizes the benefits of weight loss, muscle recovery, hormone balance, and joint pain.

red light therapy light bulbs

How can the efficacy be amplified?

  • Use correctly; for example, choose the dosage carefully while treating skin to avoid any harm.
  • Please choose the right product and use it strictly with the instructions to avoid excessive or insufficient use.
  • Good health care before and after using red light lamp therapy can speed up and improve the device's efficiency, and you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
  • Enough time: Generally, a simple red light bulb treatment takes about three months; you can see obvious changes, such as skin radiance, skin texture thinning and tenderness, elasticity and firmness improvement, etc.

Research on LED light bulbs

Very early NASA research confirmed that red light bulbs have the effect of promoting wound healing. Red light has a long history of clinical application in medicine. In recent years, the use of red light bulb technology in beauty has also become more and more advanced.

Studies have found that only a certain wavelength in red light lamps can provide the best biological effects. It works by strengthening the function of mitochondria to promote the production of high-quality collagen fibers in the skin and slowing down inflammation.

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Why LED bulbs are best for red light therapy?

In today's era, Light-emitting technology is considered the safest, long-lasting, and efficient option for lighting. LED bulbs are ideal for use in red light therapy.

  • Tighten Wavelength: They can produce wavelength within the therapeutic range(red light:630nm-660nm, NIR: 810-850nm)
  • Longevity: Long-lasting, having lifespans of 100,000 hours or 11.4 years even if used 24/7
  • Little heat: They produce very little heat as only 10 to 20% of the energy emitted is converted into heat.
  • Energy-effective: They are very efficient with less energy cost, i.e., they consume less energy compared to other bulbs.
  • Directional light: These bulbs produce directional light (90 degrees vs. 360 degrees), and one can focus light in any specific direction
  • Safe: LED bulbs are safe and shatterproof.
  • Durable: They're highly durable and don't need any replacement or maintenance.
  • No harmful chemicals: They don't contain any toxins, mercury, or dangerous gases.

Are you confused about where to get a genuine red light bulb that can give you the best results? Here, we've got a good surprise for you! At Bestqool, we offer the best quality red light bulbs that can save your health, wealth, and time, too!

Final thoughts

It's essential to consider the bulb's size, shape, and quality while shopping for the best red light bulb. Numerous LED red light therapy devices are available, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and finances. But before you buy, ensure they offer the precise equipment that fulfills your criteria and treatment goals by reading reviews from previous customers and examining the device's quality.

In this article, we've discussed different types of bulbs that you'll see in lights, but only LEDs are the best choice for light therapy. Fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs are inefficient and harmful to your health. Shop here: LED Red Light Therapy Bulb


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