LED Light Therapy vs. Red Light Therapy: A Comparison
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LED Light Therapy vs. Red Light Therapy: A Comparison
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LED Light Therapy is one of the oldest approaches used to treat several health problems. The use of coherent light sources such as lasers and non-coherent light sources such as light-emitting diodes or LEDs has opened new pathways in medical research. These light treatments treat a wide range of medical conditions.

LEDs typically emit light in a narrow wavelength band (~20 nm wide) but cannot cast a single specified wavelength (~1 nm wide). This bandwidth influences their ability to dial the wavelength to target the desired tissues optimally.

Red light is visible and most effective for use on the surface of the skin. Red light dominates the "long end" of the visible spectrum with a wavelength of 630nm-700nm.

All light of various wavelengths reflects the hue of the rainbow. In reality, the rainbow is only white light that refracts from water droplets in the atmosphere. This effect causes the colors of light to be apparent to the human eye – from red to yellow, all the way! Specific wavelengths of light can be helpful to human eyes, such as blue and red.

Red Light Therapy: The Definition

Red Light Therapy lamps are 100% UV free and powered by soft LED technology. Its non-invasive system allows the frequency of red light to penetrate deep into the body's fundamental building blocks. Boosting blood supply and collagen production, Red Light Therapy triggers and increases ATP production – both of which make the skin smoother, tighter, and lighter. There are no side effects or downtimes, and daily procedures encourage natural skin regeneration.

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Advantages of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy for skin increases the development of collagen and elastin, allowing cells to replicate faster. The effect is the overall reduction and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles along with firmer, plumper skin texture. Red Light Therapy can reduce:

  • Inflammation of the body
  • Discoloration of the eyes
  • The presence of fine lines and fine wrinkles
  • Suntime and age spots

The red and LED light can have a calming effect on the skin's outer layers, improving natural color while reducing aging symptoms due to blemishes, sunshine, and age spots.

LED Light Therapy: The Definition

LED Light Therapy for skin is another gentle treatment that penetrates the pores of the skin and removes bacteria. While certain bacteria are beneficial, others stimulate the production of oil and other blemish-causing conditions. LED light releases chemicals within these bacteria that crack their outer walls while killing the cells' ability to form acne and other skin imperfections. Rosacea, psoriasis, acne, and sun exposure are all suitable candidates for LED Light Therapy treatment.

Advantages of LED Light Therapy

An analysis of several trials has found that LED Light Therapy systems can enhance various skin conditions, including psoriasis and mild to severe acne. Rosacea and sun damage are both suitable candidates for the treatment of LED Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy also integrates Deep Penetrating Light technology into LED soft goods. It enables our light to penetrate further into the skin's surface to treat bacteria that live at a level that conventional acne care topicals cannot achieve.

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Double Application

In some instances, LED and a medical specialist may advise red Light treatments. Professionals can tune this two-tiered technique to your particular style of skin for optimal performance. In this scenario, you are likely to undergo two weeks of both, switching between LED Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy for as long as you like. This device cleans the skin to avoid any wrinkles, blemishes, or other disorders.

The Difference

Red and LED lights are at varying wavelengths and can have different effects on the brain. When Red Light Therapy helps the skin's surface—stimulating collagen, reducing inflammation—LED Light Therapy penetrates the pores and eliminates bacteria.

The Combination

Red Light Therapyy and LED Light Therapy are primarily used together and complement each other. Combining red and LED treatment treats acne more effectively than LED light alone: as LED light kills acne-causing bacteria under the skin's surface, red light decreases inflammation and accelerates healing. Here are some of the skin disorders you can manage if you combine red and LED Light Therapy:

  • Acne
  • Inflammation of the body
  • Scarring
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Signs of puberty, including age marks and wrinkles
  • Healing Wound
  • Some skin problems due to inflammation

Psoriasis Management

Some research shows that red and LED Light Therapy for skin may boost plaques in patients with psoriasis. However, the information needs further to assess long-term effectiveness.

Eczema and Dermatitis Management

A 2016 research in dermatology found that LED light treatment was safe and effective in reducing lesions caused by eczema.

Usage & Frequency

The instructions for use for most red and LED Light Therapy systems are identical. However, if you use LED light, you can wear eyeglasses to cover your eyes. Use the machine in one treatment area for 3 minutes to optimize results. Hold the system stable without turning about. After 3 minutes, you pass to the next care area.

When you undergo therapy with red or LED light for the first time, try doing it once a day for the early 45-60 days. After that, you can continue to use the device every day, or you can decrease it to two or three days a week based on what fits for you. Everyone's skin is unique and responds differently to using light therapy for skin. We recommend that you meet with your favorite health or skincare provider and even take images before and after photos to evaluate and track your progress.

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