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We will inform you of the assessment results within three working days. If pass, we will offer you a purchase link, you need to purchase it on our Amazon store. And don't worry about the money, we will refund back 14 days after the order is finished.


Enjoy our red light therapy and record the changes in your treated areas, share your experience via social media.


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Please retain the product and keep using it to see more positive effects!

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Selection Criteria
Tester Notice
Product Delivery
Review Submission
Other Rules

Applicants who meet certain of the following criteria will be given priority. However, you don't have to meet all the criteria to be selected. (Please notice: Meeting a greater number of criteria increases your chances of being chosen.)
1.Provide your profile, including your social media accounts (we will only use this information to assess your application and will never disclose it).
2.Have purchased Bestqool products before and left reviews.
3.Please include a detailed plan for your test (including where you intend to post your review, the form of your review, and, most importantly, how you intend to introduct our product).

  1. You will receive the results within 3 working days after submitting your application.
  2. Selected testers will be contacted directly to confirm participation and provide purchase link.
  3. Plagiarism of other people's testing plans and failing to submit review links on time will be disqualified.
  4. You can only apply for testing qualifications for one product at a time.
  5. We will provide you a full refund via PayPal or Amazon gift card within 7 working days after the order is finished.

Please purchase the product on Bestqool Amazon store and we will refund back in 14 working days after the order is completed.

  1. You are required to post your review on specific websites, you can post it on Amazon, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, reddit, pinterest, facebook, where you may share your thoughts.
  2. If you share your review on social media, don't forget to tag our official account to increase the chances of being retweeted.
  3. We'll give you three weeks to test and enjoy our product. You need to record the changes during a three-week testing period (suggested to be the first, seventh, fourteenth, and twenty-first days), publish them on specific websites, don't forget to submit the link and contact us.
  4. We will send you an email 4 weeks after you receive the product, please respond promptly with your review link. You will be permanently disqualified from participating in the events if you do not submit your review link within 1 week.(If you have any exceptional circumstances, please let us know.)
  5. If you are selected to be a tester, you will not be able to register for other ongoing assessments until you complete the review submission process.
  6. Once you submit a review, Bestqool reserves the right to use, edit and republish your content.
  7. High-quality reviews will be posted on Bestqool official website. If the review's content attracts more notice, we will present you with extra rewards and potential collaboration chances.
  1. Bestqool reserves the final interpretation right.
  2. You agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by participating.
  3. Participants who are found to have initiated a refund on Amazon after obtaining the refund from us will be permanently disqualified from participating in the events.