Light Therapy To Fade Stretch Marks
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Light Therapy To Fade Stretch Marks
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Stretch marks form when our body goes through abrupt changes. This can be due to pregnancy, weight gain, and height increase. It is technically a scar from the wearing and tearing of our skin. Hence, like other skin damages, stretch marks are permanent. But you can use treatments, like LED light therapy, to lessen its visibility to an almost invisible state.

Light therapy is gaining more attention in the 21st century now that more people are looking into new and more innovative ways to better their skin conditions. However, the treatment goes way back to the 20th century. Particularly in the 1900s, NASA and Quantum Devices used low-level laser therapy, and red LED for plant growth and space medicine experiments.

During their expeditions, NASA somewhat accidentally discovered that red light wavelengths could heal body lesions faster than it would help plants grow in space. Since then, the agency began researching how light therapy could increase the vitality of human cells and curb bone and muscle loss.

Now, light therapy is mostly used in holistic treatments, not only in serious medical conditions. One of the usual applications of light therapy is to fade scars. Hence, people are also looking into whether the process is effective in diminishing stretch marks.

How light therapy works

red light therapy regrowth

Light therapy is essentially utilizing the therapeutic effects of low wavelength red light on your skin. The process begins when you expose yourself to the emissions, wherein the skin cell’s mitochondria absorb the light particles. As a result, there is an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) or the cell’s energy source.

Simply put, red light emissions are like vitamins for your skin cells. The added energy lets them function better to stimulate healing and rejuvenation. This, then, helps fade stretch marks since the treatment basically speeds up the renewal of cells around the affected area.

However, do note that fading stretch marks through light therapy are not a miracle cure. Those who go through such a treatment must be dedicated to attend and never miss their required sessions. If not, you cannot fully enjoy and see the results. If you only finish half of your prescribed dose, the results are below what you expected to see.

In that regard, for light therapy to truly work, you need to attend your treatment religiously. It is not a one-time big-time process. The more you expose yourself to red light, the faster you can fade your stretch marks.

Light therapy at home

portable light therapy at home

Although light therapy is readily available in various holistic clinics and even in hospitals, sessions are quite pricey and time-consuming. Also, some treatments require a couple of visits within a week. Going to the clinic is not practical for those who are working and those who are already too busy with other personal responsibilities.

Luckily, there is a more convenient and cheaper way of availing yourself of light therapy. You can get handy and portable red light therapy devices that you can use at home. These are uncomplicated tools that anyone can use with no professional guidance, just a manual or two.

Unlike going to the clinic, you can have more control over how often you can go through light therapy treatments. You can grab your device any time of the day that is convenient for you and use it for as long as you want—just do not go beyond the recommended daily dose!

Using personal light therapy devices is better, especially if you are quite insecure with your body. It is also best for those who are uncomfortable with having strangers touch their bodies even with consent.

Most importantly, using a portable device is simply more cost-efficient. Your device can cost up to one session of light therapy. The catch is, it is a one-time purchase, unlike the other. And since you always have it on hand, you can use it to its full potential. This, therefore, lets you have more visible results in turning your stretch marks invisible.

Light therapy vs. other stretch mark treatments

Whether you are a woman or a man, young or old, mother or not, chances are you have a stretch mark or more in your body. This natural tattoo spares no one. That is why there are countless products in the market designed to eradicate these annoying scars. But not everything works. Some may even be harmful in the long run.

Before light therapy came into the limelight, topical creams and oils were the headliners for stretch mark treatments. However, since these are topical solutions, they do not entirely penetrate deep within your skin. They can only help so much on the surface.

The reason why light therapy is gaining popularity nowadays is because of its effectiveness. Since the treatment works deep within, you can guarantee that your skin is healed all throughout—from inside to outside.

That said, it is better to ditch drugstore solutions for your stretch marks. Instead, look for a more long-term and effective way to address your tiger mark issues and invest in a light therapy device now.

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