Cognitive Rejuvenation: Red Light Therapy's Role in Enhancing Mental Acuity
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Cognitive Rejuvenation: Red Light Therapy's Role in Enhancing Mental Acuity
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Did you know? The occurrence of depression or mental illness is also related to too short light time. Depression is a very common disease in Northern Europe. Take Denmark as an example. There are 250,000 people suffering from depression in Denmark, accounting for 5% of the country's total population.

This is a staggering number. You must know that the criteria for diagnosing depression are harsh, and depression is also divided into mild and severe. As a country with high welfare that ranks among the best in the world, why did Northern Europe produce such a result? Is it because life is too happy and boring? The answer is not so.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the geographical and climatic conditions in Northern Europe were not suitable for farming. With the help of the Industrial Revolution, people's material life has been greatly improved, but the superiority of material life has increased the burden on the spiritual world. This is part of the objective factor that contributes to the melancholy of the Nordic people.

The second reason is light exposure. Due to its geographical location, the daylight hours in Northern Europe are very short. While the region boasts beautiful Aurora displays, its extreme cold and limited daylight - with nearly half the year in darkness due to winter - pose significant challenges. The sun rises at ten in the morning and sets at three-thirty in the afternoon. They only have five hours of natural light, which leads to a lack of vitamin D in people's bodies. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are positively correlated with the onset of depression.

Light often has a positive effect on people, making them feel energetic and motivated enough to complete the work at hand. This article will focus on how red light therapy can enhance mental acuity. Let you know more about red light.

the melancholy of the Nordic people

How Does Red Light Enhance People's Mental Acuity?

Red light comes from sunlight because when it emits light with a wavelength of 600-700nm, it appears red on the retina, so it is called red light.

It is a kind of visible light. When it is irradiated externally with comprehensive light waves of 700-4000nm (less than 10%), it can produce important biological effects and therapeutic effects. In addition to improving mental status, it can also relieve inflammation, repair wounds, and provide other therapeutic effects.

Mitochondria, which serve as power plants in cells, have the most significant absorption effect on red light. After irradiation with red light, the activity of mitochondrial catalase increases, which promotes cells to actively metabolize, and the glycogen content also increases. Protein synthesis increases, and adenosine triphosphate decomposition increases. This enhances cell regeneration and comprehensively promotes the recovery of various body functions.

While conventional medicines often target specific symptoms or aspects of a disease, red light is a comprehensive examination and repair of the body. The activities of the human body are inseparable from cells. When the metabolism of cells speeds up, people will feel refreshed and more energetic. This is why red light is also called the "light of life."

According to Science Advances, Professor Song Yan's research group at the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University has demonstrated for the first time the effectiveness and specificity of transcranial light stimulation technology in improving human visual working memory capacity.

The paper titled "Transcranial photobiomodulation enhances visual working memory capacity in humans" conducted four double-blind controlled experiments. After the test subjects received light stimulation and placebo exposure, 90 normal young people were collected to conduct visual working memory, and Important conclusions were drawn after behavioral data, demonstrating the benefits of light on memory.

Among them, the performance is most obvious under the stimulation of red light of 1064nm. When other test conditions remain unchanged, the photobiological condition stimulation of 852nm does not produce significant changes. When changing from 1064nm light stimulation to other lighting environments, the individual's working memory improvement effect gradually disappears.

Therefore, it is also important to choose the appropriate frequency of light. Fortunately, this is all within the control of the red light therapy device produced by Bestqool.

cell regeneration

Cognitive Rejuvenation for Red Light: From Past to Present

According to research, compared to our primitive ancestors, we receive 1,000 times less light than we did before, which is one of the reasons why we are generally in sub-health.

Just imagine, most working environments now have become safe and comfortable. People can spend most of the time in the office or air-conditioned room when the sun is shining, and when it is time to get off work, it is already night. The lighting in the house is mainly full-color light, which has no effect on promoting mitochondrial activity. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement effective red light. In addition to enjoying the sunlight, there are also methods such as artificially creating a red-light environment.

The advancement of modern science has made it easier for people to obtain controllable red light. People do not need to choose a specific time to irradiate the sun (which may cause skin cancer) but choose the red light that suits them for irradiation, which is more targeted. Solve the problem.

When people enjoy the benefits of red light, they often recall the experience of their ancestors burning flames in caves. The warm vitality brought by the flames illuminates the caves, and primitive people carve words on the stone walls; the red light does not disappear; it comes back to us in another form.


There are many benefits brought by red light therapy. We have only mentioned a small part of them in this article. If you want to know more about this, you can review the blog we wrote before.

If you are a user who needs a red light therapy device to help improve your mental acuity, you can get in touch with us, or you can choose your favorite products on the website. Bestqool is a leading company in red light therapy devices, and we have the most complete industry. Scale and strict quality inspection. Please let us work together to give you the greatest help.

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