About our event

red light therapy desktop

Our event aims at manufacturing better and more suitable red light therapy products.

With our event, you can share your experience using red light therapy products, how you benefit from red light therapy on any social media.

These experiences will definitely help us continue to develop more high-quality and more suitable red light therapy products in the future, and better improve people's lives. Not only that, but your experience is even more precious to beginners. The content you share can let them know more about red light therapy, and treat physical diseases with safe and non-invasive therapy red light.

What will you get

Free Sample

Simply fill out the form to join in our product testing programme, and then select a free sample to test! You can keep the sample after you finish the test!

At Least $30 rewards

Participate in our TikTok event and share your priceless experience for a chance to win at least US$30 in rewards, including an Amazon gift card, iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.

BQ40 4 head red light therapy Redot S red light torch BQ60 cold sore device
iphone iwatch $30 discount code ipad Amazon gift card


  • Product Test

    Test Bestqool products and share your experience

  • TikTok Event

    Join Bestqool event on TikTok to get rewards



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What's the difference between Product Test and Tiktok Event?

  • In Product test you need to submit a plan for sharing your experience before testing and using our products. It will take 3 working days to assess; after passing the assessment, we will send you the purchase link and you need to buy one from our Amazon store. Don't worry about the money, we will refund you 3 days after you submit the review.
  • TikTok event requires you to own our products before participation, no approval is required, you can join as long as you purchase it.

Can I participate in two events at the same time?

No, you can initiate a new event only after the event you participated in previously has been concluded and reviewed by our team. (You may be disqualified if you are found to be participating in both events at the same time.)

Can I test all Bestqool's products in Product Test event?

You can choose from the products we provide. Product test events are temporarily not open to all products. After submitting the application and passing, you will get a free sample.

When will I get the rewards after participating in Tiktok event?

The reward will be given to you within 7 working days after our evaluation and confirmation.

Can I use one order number to paticipate in two event?

No, one order number can only paticipate in one event.

How many times can I participate?

One person can participate in TikTok event once; while you are allowed to apply for another product test after you finish the previous test.