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Frequenty Asked Questions



Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the EMF at 3 inches? Your information states that there is 0 EMF at 6 inches.

We have tested 3 and 6 inches, and all EMFs were zero, but all our products regularly display the data of 6 inches.

What's the universal voltage for the products?

All our red light therapy devices are universal voltage, and they can be used under 85-265V.

For eye treatment, turn on red light ONLY, right?

For eye treatments, specific wavelengths of red light are commonly used because they can help promote blood circulation, alleviate eye fatigue, and may have some potential in the treatment and prevention of certain eye diseases.

During the treatments, users usually need to close their eyes to prevent the light from directly shining onto the retina. Closing the eyes helps protect the eyes from direct stimulation by the light, while also allowing the light to penetrate the ocular tissues more effectively.

Hi, I’m having trouble deciding which product is right for me, could you help with the selection?

Do not worry. Please contact us with the condition or body part you want to treat for. We will provide corresponding suggestions based on your needs! If you're hesitant about the same series, take a look at a comparison of the parameters of the same series.

Hello, I’m interested in the refurbished products. Are they dual-chip? Or will only the new units have dual-chip capability?

Hi friend, refurbished products contain old version of devices, so they may not all be dual-chip. But the latest versions of the devices are equipped with dual chips.

I am wondering if I need to wear protective goggles even if I don't face the red light?

When using the near-infrared light mode, it is important to wear protective goggles even if you are not directly facing the device. Near-infrared light may pose potential risks to the eyes, as the treatment process is relatively lengthy. Even though you are not directly looking at the device, your eyes may still be affected to some extent by the light. Therefore, wearing protective goggles can effectively safeguard the eyes and ensure the user's safety. Hence, it is recommended to wear protective goggles when using the near-infrared light mode, regardless of whether you are directly facing the device or not.

Is the Redot series just as effective as the BQ or Pro series? How does it work with the EMFs? Does the Redot series technology work different as to not expose the user to EMFs with direct contact?

The Redot series is portable for skin contact use. Since the power consumption of the Redot series is not as high as that of the BQ series and Pro series, it may take a bit more time for the Redot series to reach BQ's or Pro's therapeutic effects. Please refer to our manual for more details: ) What's more, there is no EMF when the Redot series works. You can refer to the attached picture.

Can I adjust the light intensity of the panel?

I am sorry that all the panel lights we selling can't adjust the light intensity. But Redot series have different light intensity modes.

Can the lights reach the internal organs, like the liver?

Red light and near-infrared light can penetrate to internal organs like the liver to a certain extent, but the depth of penetration depends on the wavelength of the light and the transparency of the tissue. Compared to visible light, near-infrared light (700-1400nm) has stronger penetration capabilities and can more easily penetrate certain tissues. Therefore, it is commonly used in medical imaging for deep tissue imaging, such as in the study and diagnosis of organs like the liver and other visceral organs.

Can I safely use the strips of light in the belt without it being encased behind vinyl?

You can't use the light strip without a vinyl cover, because the light strip is connected to the belt itself with solder joints and an external power line.

Can I use the light in saunas?

We do not recommend placing it in a sauna. Even in a dry sauna, high temperatures may cause short circuits in the equipment.

The water vapor in the sauna is harmful to electronic devices, and it's important to note that our products' beads are not airtight. This can potentially lead to a shortcut in the internal circuit of the instrument.

What's the different between Bestqool Amazon store and Bestqool official website?

1. The scope of delivery is different, the official website for most countries or regions of the world; Amazon is mainly for the United States and Europe, other regions may need to pay additional shipping costs to buy from Amazon.

2. Prices in different regions may vary, affected by shipping costs and discounts, the price of the same region in different channels may vary slightly.

3. The products are the same and enjoy the same right.

4. We have refurbished products sold on the official website.

I was wondering why the Redot products have a 1 year warranty, whereas your other products have 2 year warranty?

Because the craftsmanship of the belt differs from that of the panels, as does the product's vulnerability, we will offer varied warranty periods. Anyway, we will provide a lifetime service to you.

Can I get a plug that is appropriate for my region and country?

Yes, we will prepare the suitable plug according to your choice. If we find that the plug type you selected differs from the plug type used in that area or country, we'll contact you for final confirmation.

I live in South Africa/ Australia/ German. Would you be shipping here?

We are currently open to North America, parts of South America, Europe, Oceania, parts of Asia. If you'd like to know if our product is available in your country or region, please contact us.

Will I need to pay taxes if I purchase on Amazon or official website?

1.Official website does not charge for any taxes.

2.Purchases from Amazon may be subject to tax, how much depends on local policies.

Are you open to wholesale business?

Yes, we are open to wholesale business and will provide a discounted price for it! For more details, please turn to our wholesale program.

My 7 colors photon led light therapy has 2 rows of lights do not light up. Are they broken?

There is no issue with your device. The two rows of non-glowing bulbs emit near-infrared light, whose wavelength range is usually between 700 and 2,500 nanometers. The human visual system is mainly sensitive to light in the visible wavelength range, that is, in the wavelength range of about 400 nanometers to 700 nanometers. The wavelength range of near-infrared light is beyond the perception range of the human eye, so we can't see it directly.

What's the L button for on the panel?

Regarding the L button, it is a time setting function. You can set the time from 5 to 45 minutes, with the last one displaying C000 to keep track of how many times you have used it.

Quick question about the Redot L pulse setting.

In Redot L, there are two pulse modes. Red light and NIR are both on by default every time you turn on Redot L. Press the ON/OFF button again to switch to 10 Hz pulsing mode, press the ON/OFF button a third time to upgrade to 40 Hz pulsing mode, and then press the ON/OFF button a fourth time to turn off the belt.

I want to be reassured that the panel does not have a toxic plastic smell.

Please rest assured that our panel lights will not emit any plastic smell, and we have also not heard of any feedback about this issue.

My package shows it's delivered but I haven't received it.

Please check again the place of receipt and the surrounding area, or check the surveillance for thieves. If none of the above works, please contact our customer service, and we will contact the logistics and provide you with timely feedback.

What's your return policy?

For our website, please see our return policy.
For Amazon store, If your purchase was made within the last 30 days, Amazon's standard 30-day return policy applies. If your purchase was made more than 30 days ago, you will need to contact us separately for a return & refund. Please ensure the item is returned in its original packaging. We will arrange a refund after confirming that the item's appearance is undamaged.

I purchased red light therapy devices on the official website, how can I return my device if I am positioned in HongKong or Southeast Asia?

At first, you need to contact us so that we can access the reason why you need to return and assess whether the device you hold can be returned. After the assessment, you should find a logistics company that can deliver the package back to the nearest warehouse - the Chinese warehouse. Once you did the shipment, we will keep our eyes on your package until we receive it. Our professional warehouse worker will assess the returned device and then we will process the refund for you. For more details, please check out our return policy.

If there is a very attractive discount shortly after I purchase my product, can the price difference be refunded to my account or exchanged for additional products?

If you are not satisfied with the price you paid at the time of purchase, you can contact us to refund the price difference. Please do not return the product directly to Amazon and repurchase it, as contacting us directly will save you a lot of valuable time. We do not support exchanging the product for another one directly. You can use the refunded amount to purchase a new product, so it can enjoy the warranty benefits.

How long does it take to receive a refund after the return?

We will refund you 1-3 days after we receive the product. We refund you by Amazon, you may need to contact Amazon customer service if you find that you still have not received the refund. 

I receive a faulty product or it experiences issues shortly after purchase, what can I do?

Contact us with your order number and the pictures or videos of the issues. I'm sure we'll give you a satisfactory solution!

How long is the warranty?

Different products have different warranty periods. For detailed information, please read our warranty policy.

Please advise how to extend the warranty.

Please extend your warranty here!

I'd like an extra accessory, how can I get it?

1. If your devices are still under warranty and have no repair, contact us and get one for free!

2. If your devices are still under warranty but have already been repaired or out of warranty, contact us and pay for it.

There's no manual in the package or missing by accident, can I get an e-manual?

No worry! Please scam the QR cord on the product label, you will find the e-manual in it!

If the label is missing or damaged, please come to us for the e-manual.

Still confused?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, feel free to contact us! We are always here to help!

WhatsApp: +1 319-512(3212) (Text + Pics)

Message: +1 689-207(0579) (Text Only)

We are always happy to help.

Offical Website: help@bestqool.com

Bestqool Amazon: bestqoolamz@gmail.com

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