Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
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Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
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Bestqool red light therapy for weight loss and fat reduction and body contouring

Losing weight and fat safely and effectively is one of the most common health goals for many people, whether your reasons are medical, cosmetic or both of the two. Most of us could benefit from losing a few pounds and trimming some fat in some target areas.

More and more people have become serious about setting weight loss goals, but not everyone is lucky to achieve successful results. Dieting and exercise on a consistent basis is not only challenging but doesn’t work for everyone’s needs and sometimes doesn’t provide complete satisfaction for those who can take on the task. If you’ve had disappointing results from diets, appetite suppressants, or other weight loss methods, it’s worth your while to consider red light therapy.

Clinical research has proven that natural red light therapy can help people lose weight, tone their body, cut back on fat & cellulite, and control obesity. If you happen to have stubborn body fat in places like your tummy, back, the inner parts of your thighs or even on your face and chin area then red light therapy might be the solution you are looking for.

Natural red light therapy can help you:
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce fat and cellulite
  • Tone your body
  • Control obesity


Bestqool red light therapy device for weight loss  

Red light therapy- also known as photobiomodulation, supports weight loss in several ways. It uses red and near-infrared spectrum to reduces oxidative stree and stimulates cellular energy production. Increased cellular energy leads to healthier cells and better cellular performance, which reduces inflammation and better regulates cellular reproduction. The result? Increased metabolism as well as improved overall functioning of the body’s organs.

Clinical Research Shows Red Light Therapy Reduces Fat and Helps with Weight Management

red and near infrared light enhances ones health and fitness - Bestqool

The positive effects on fat loss and cellulite reduction, obsity control have been demonstrated in numerous clinical trials. Unlike other solutions promoted for weight loss, such as medications and surgery, red and near infrared light therapy is a natural, safe and non-invasive option which only further promotes and enhances ones health and fitness.

Red Light Therapy and Fat Loss

Below is a brief overview of the clinical research on fat loss:

Researchers believe red light therapy affects the fat-story adipocytes, and essentially helps the body wash away lipids and fat cells. [1]

Light therapy may work in other ways that affect fat and weight loss as well. A 2012 study in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed that light can affect hunger levels. This study found that red light helped control levels of the hunger-related hormones leptin and ghrelin in sleep-deprived participants. [2]

Clinical Research Shows Red Light Therapy Reduces Fat and Helps with Weight Management.

Less Cellulite with Red Light Therapy: In a 2011 study on red light therapy and cellulite reduction, women ages 25-55 were divided into two groups: some did treadmill exercise + red light therapy twice a week, while the other group just did treadmill exercise. The researchers presented thermographic photographs of the changes in thigh circumference and cellulite to demonstrate that red light therapy and exercise was more effective than just exercise alone. The study concluded that treadmill exercise and red light therapy in conjunction can improve body aesthetics. [3]

Red Light Therapy for Targeted Fat Loss: In a similar study published in Lasers in Surgery Medicine, participants who received light therapy showed a significant reduction in overall circumference, including numerous parts of the body. Researchers concluded that light therapy can reduce the circumference of the specific areas of the body that are treated with natural light. [4]

Tighter Hips & Thighs: A 2013 study in the same journal also found benefits from red light therapy at 635 nm for contouring the hips, thighs, and waist. At the end of the trial, researchers found a mean loss of 2.99 inches in overall body size compared to the starting point. Separately, the thigh, waist, and hip areas all showed a reduction too. Researchers concluded that red light therapy at this wavelength was safe and clinically effective. [5]

Less Body Fat: A 2018 triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial assessed red light therapy’s effects on people doing endurance training. Researchers found pre-exercise treatment can “decrease the body fat in healthy volunteers when compared to placebo.” [6]


Other Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Emerging clinical research is also showing the potential for other red light therapy benefits, like improved skin health, and better sleep and circadian rhythm. The initial research is also encouraging for healing wounds, injuries and burns.

Conclusion: Red Light Therapy for Fat Loss and Weight Management

Clinical research and accounts of many professional health experts conclusively demonstrates that red light therapy can be part of an effective, natural weight management or fat loss strategy. A major benefits of red and near infrared light therapy is it's cost and convenience, as well as it's ability to help addres what is for many, the underlying cause of their weight related issues. The light therapy can also be combined with our contouring and fat loss procedures to increase their efficacy and the duration of their benefits. If you want to learn more about the wide-ranging benefits of red light therapy, check out our learn library, where we have collected articles about the science and benefits of red light therapy.

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